Digital Metallic Ink

Indigo Ink has been working closely with Hewlett Packard and the Indigo Press technicians to explore and refine the use of digital metallic ink, a brand-new technology in the world of digital print.

How does it work?

Digital Metallic Ink Setup Instructions:


Silver Ink is applied either as a spot color (for a Matte Silver effect) or layered under a CMYK build to create almost any metallic color imaginable.

metallic ink how to graphic

How is this different than Digital Foil?

There are advantages and draw backs to both Digital Foil and Metallic Ink. They are two entirely different products and processes.

Advantages of Metallic Ink versus Foil:

  • Because it is an inline process, the cost is significantly cheaper in all quantities.
  • There are endless customizable color options with no limit to the number of colors used in one piece.
  • Can be used on uncoated paper stocks

Limitations of Metallic Ink

  • The metallic ink has more of a “matte” look (so if you want high gloss, go with foil*)
  • Less reflective than foil*however, we are working on a process that might enhance the “glossiness” – we’ll keep you posted as we test and learn more.

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