It has been said that no two people experience the color indigo exactly the same way. It’s the spectrum’s elusively subjective color. There are, however a few exceptional universal Indigo qualities.

indigorgeous… We are print craftsmen/women…we totally geek out over this stuff!

indigogogo… We never stop moving forward…always improving.

indigoodwill… We care deeply about our team, our community, and the environment.

indigoldenrule… We don’t look good unless you look good.

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A lot has changed, but some things remain…
16 Years of Beauty  |  Innovation  |  Goodwill

While we may not exactly have an iconic “garage start-up” story, it’s not far from it. Our humble beginnings in 2003 consisted of a scanner (that was never used), a copy machine, a computer, a desk and 800 square feet of rented space. We entered the stage at a time of massive and disruptive industry change that has only escalated in the years since. What we’ve discovered is that our kind of start-up story, in our industry both then and now, is actually quite unusual…which seems appropriate. We like unusual.

How were we unusual? There is a long list that includes things like being 100% independent with no outside investors, funding, deep pockets or wealthy relatives… and managing growth organically (no mergers & acquisitions), but the standout is simply the fact that we founded a printing company from the ground up all within the 21st century. With communication beginning to go electronic, even in 2003 the word on the street was “print is dying.” This was why we thought our primary business might be scanning/digital archiving (hence the scanner we purchased that was never used). We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. What we discovered was a whole new world of quality digital print that was just starting to emerge. …

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