Low Eco-Impact Printing

Indigo Ink values our role as stewards of the environment in the ways, both large and small, we conduct our daily operations. Two significant ways are with initiatives like FSC Certification and PrintReleaf. FSC Certification assures that the product either comes from recycled material, forest that meet strict environmental and social standards, or a combination of both. This is why Indigo Ink has chosen to purchase only FSC Certified paper stocks (where available) for our house paper stock selection. In addition, we have partnered with PrintReleaf. Through this partnership, we are able to track paper usage, calculate the number of tree’s used and pay for these trees to be planted in reforestation projects around the world. As of Jan 1, 2023, we’ve planted over 10,000 trees via PrintReleaf in an effort to offset our paper usage (click here for up to date stats). By pairing PrintReleaf with our FSC Certified paper stocks, we hope to not only mitigate our environmental impact, but actually have a net positive forest impact.

But there’s more…here are some other ways in which we are mitigating our environmental footprint.

Our printing processes are considered to be more environmentally friendly than traditional offset printing for a variety of reasons. Our presses boast a significant reduction in the emission of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) compared to their traditional offset counterparts. Our printing processes are waterless which eliminates high chemical content water waste that is common in traditional printing. In addition, these presses generate far less waste paper than conventional presses, making the entire process much more efficient.

“On-Demand” Digital Printing

(printing WHAT you need exactly WHEN you need it)

MD Green RegistryCan help to minimize overruns and eliminate redundant prints. When you print more efficiently with digital printing, you reduce your environmental impact and your costs.

Recycled Paper

We offer and encourage the use of “post consumer waste” recycled content paper stocks. We also offer recycled stocks that use a chlorine free process (chlorine has been a common bleaching agent in the manufacturing of recycled paper, but has proven to be harmful to the environment). Did you know that one of the most frequently encountered items in landfills is paper? Did you know that manufacturing paper from recycled content uses less water, fewer effluents, and lessens deforestation and ecosystem destruction? Don’t let this excellent resource for sustainable paper manufacturing go to waste! Join us in being diligent in recycling all paper waste!

FSC logo forest stewardship council eco conscious printing

FSC® Certification

FSC certified wood and paper products…

Why it is so important:
Choosing products from forests that are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) certified is an important part of using wood and paper more responsibly for eco-conscious printing. To put it in context, FSC certification is like organic labeling for forest products.

This certification assures that the product either comes from recycled material, forests that meet strict environmental and social standards, or a combination of both. Creating demand for FSC certified products can encourage forest managers to adopt improved practices, while supporting landowners that already manage their forest well. Increased demand for certified products is literally “pulling” acres into the FSC system, and increasing the availability of certified products in the marketplace. Cast your vote in the marketplace for well managed forestry practices by requesting FSC certified paper for your next print purchase.


Through our partnership with PrintReleaf™, Indigo Ink plants one tree for every tree used.

PrintRealeaf forestry partners focus on reforestation efforts in the areas of the world where they may provide the most environmental and social impact for eco-conscious printing. We hope that layering PrintReleaf on top of sustainable sourcing, such as using FSC® (including recycled content) certified paper, can result in a net-positive forest impact.

For more information on how this works, visit printreleaf.com

For up to date Indigo Ink printreleaf stats, click here.

Other things we have done as a company to reduce our environmental footprint:

Indigo Ink uses 100% wind power and are on the list of the EPA’s Green Power Partners.
Green Power Partner
FSC logo forest stewardship council eco conscious printing

We offer and encourage the use of recycled and FSC® certified paper.

We recycle all materials that are eligible to be recycled including all waste paper scraps generated from the printing process and other paper, glass, plastic and metal office waste (it is worth noting that our presses generate far less waste paper than conventional presses).
We use recycled paper for all of our bathroom toiletries and for all of our business needs (where available) and marketing materials.
Our facilities are cleaned with 100% natural and biodegradable products.
We use environmentally friendly vendors for all our business needs (where available).
Indigo Ink owns and utilizes fuel efficient and/or hybrid automobiles for deliveries and other transportation needs.
Team Mt Indigo annually host or participates in a local stream clean up.