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On this, the spookiest day of the year, we notify the general public that our Indigo 5500 Digital Press has left the premises of Indigo Ink Digital Printing. A beast of a press that got the job done beautifully for almost a decade, the Indigo 5500 began acting strange late one evening last week as the full moon eerily illuminated the Red Branch woods. To put it bluntly, things got hairy in the shop. Our pressman turned white as an uncoated sheet as proof after proof presented severe ghosting. As it spit out one last print of full-bleed Pantone 185 on a toothy cover stock, the Indigo 5500 let out a howl that almost sounded like, “mmmMATTtttt!” We couldn’t tell if it was saying goodbye to our founding partner or demanding one final matte finish. Either way, the press disappeared into the darkness of night, never to be seen again.

We’ve already started setting up our brand new Indigo 7900! With amazing speed, breath-taking quality, and a host of new capabilities, we can’t wait to show you all of the cool things you’ll be able to do with us! Check out some of the new features we’re most excited about developing in the coming months:

• Increased Speed/Efficiency

• Metallic Ink! 

• Spot colors including fluorescents!

• Premium Extra Opaque White Ink

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