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We’re proud to announce that two specialty print projects we’ve recently produced have won Gold Leaf Awards from the Foil & Specialty Effects Association. Coinciding with the Print Embellishment Conference in Dallas TX on April 9-11, the ceremony celebrated entries that were “judged on design, execution and level of difficulty. The annual Gold Leaf Awards Competition consistently draws entries from around the world… and celebrates the quality, added value, shelf presence, security and brand recognition that these finishing processes lend to the printed sheet.” This was our first year submitting work to be judged, and we are thrilled that the two pieces entered won in their respective categories. 

“The Kiss”
Gold Winner for “Digital Foil-Toner Adhesive” category

Client/Artist: Meg Kirkpatrick

Substrate: WestRock Tango 18pt C2S Boardstock


  • Foil Under Laminate: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold. A primer coating has been applied to improve ink adhesion.
  • Inks: CMYK + 4 layers of UV Reactive Yellow Ink printed on top of Printable Soft Touch Laminate.
  • Foils Over Laminate: Gold, Matte Gold, Silver, Matte Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Gloss Black, Clear Laminate has also been applied to the back of the sheet to stabilize the substrate.

The Kiss is a recontextualization of the 1908 Gustav Klimt painting of the same name. Where the original piece is a romantic and intimate portrayal of two lovers, Megs piece is a protest, showing the power dynamic of the couple in a different light. The original painting used gold, silver, and platinum leaf as part of its design. This print uses foil to reinforce the message of the piece, overwhelming and overbearing the female figure. Under a black light, the dynamic is reversed, and the real power, previously invisible, is revealed.


Bronze Winner for “Transfer Metallization” category

Client/Artist: Dailen Ogden

Substrate: Hazen Paper Company 16pt C2S Rainbow Holojet

Techniques: White Ink, HP Indigo One Shot Technology, UV Gloss Overcoat

Dailen designed this piece with holographic board in mind from the outset. She used photoshop gradient maps to produce the white ink masking for the scales, enabling the subtle texture and translucency visible on the piece. Her intention was to reproduce the iridescence of the White-Lipped Python, which results from tiny structures in the scales, called Iridophores. You can see a detailed look at this file’s setup in our IndigoEdge episode.

We’d like to thank these two amazing artists for providing the spark of inspiration that ignited our team’s passion for printing these special pieces… with a big shoutout to our very own Alex Donoho for spearheading and producing them with incredible care and attention to detail. And also a note of gratitude to the FSEA for celebrating the excellence in all of the work recognized this year.