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They say curiosity killed the cat, but we actually believe our insatiable curiosity for producing your creative ideas has kept us going over these past 17 years. It’s been a rollercoaster of exciting twists, fearful dips, and anticipatory climbs to new heights. Along the way, we’ve collected a few gems of wisdom:

  • Doing the right thing can be easy if we make it easy…usually by baking it into the very system and structure of how we operate every day. For an example of this, check out this blog post.
  • Finding a Win-Win solution takes more thought and patience, but the effort and time is usually worth it.
  • Work (doing business) should be fun and enjoyable. When it’s not, it’s time to get curious! (…and time to order pizza from Coal Fire – some of the best pizza in town 😊)

While we are taking a moment this month to reflect on the past 17 years and the wisdom we’ve gained, we believe it is even more important to look towards the future and the possibilities that lay ahead. Here are a few of the things that we’re most curious about exploring as we move forward:

  • Brand new digital metallic inks 
  • Expanding our spectrum of digital fluorescent inks
  • An ongoing expansion of our digitally-approved and environmentally sustainable paper stocks
  • Evolving methods for reducing our eco-footprint

We’ll leave you with one simple piece of wisdom that we’ve learned through these 17 years… In whatever you do, Stay curious.

P.S. Speaking of curiosity, if you have any wisdom or ideas to share, please contact us!

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