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Indigo Ink is proud to recognize Women’s History Month. The other 11 months we celebrate women’s future. 

Many of you might recognize the “madmen” spin.  Though art can mean different things to different people, this art kind of speaks for itself…a woman occupying a seat previously held exclusively by men.  However, I’d like to take a moment to share with you why this piece has such deep and powerful meaning for me.

Over the course of the past 100 years, the world has come a long way, but when I entered professional life in the late 90’s, “Don Draper occupying the chair” was still very much the world I was living in…and, sadly, this also represented my belief system and world view at the time.  It would take me well over a decade to begin overcoming my own gender bias and unhealthy beliefs that were holding me back (and still sometimes do) as a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and leader.

The image of a woman occupying “the chair” did not pop in my mind in some sort of clever creative moment, but rather from deep and painful memories of feeling as though that chair was “not my place.”  For me to imagine a woman in that chair has been a powerful step for me in the healing process…so powerful that I and my friend and business colleague (who was instrumental in making this graphic come to life) were a bit reluctant to let this see the light of day in the context of a business communications piece such as this. Ultimately, we decided this is way too important not to share. 

Let’s raise a glass to a future where all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, orientation or identity, feel truly free to participate and contribute towards creating a world full of beauty and hope, where the best ideas prevail.

To Creativity and Beyond.
Liz Richardson, Co-Founder
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P.S.  We get lots of inquires about the production techniques used in many of our promotional materials.  The “MADAM” post card that many of you received was printed on 130# Silk Cover with Printable Soft Touch Lamination and Red Foil.