Conscious Capitalism Liz and Indigo Ink Team

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Liz shares with the Conscious Capitalism Community her experience and thoughts around workplace culture.

“Of the 4 Pillars of Conscious Capitalism, conscious culture is the one that carries the most meaning for me personally and professionally as it relates to one of my main purposes in life – “to create and foster a healthy workplace culture.” As an entrepreneur and business owner at Indigo Ink, I want this for myself, and I want this for everyone else, too. Another great way I’ve heard it said is “to provide the enabling conditions for people to lead the most enriching lives they can.” This is a far cry from ping pong tables and cocktail hours (we have had both). Those kinds of perks, fun activities, and generous benefits can be great, but they have very little to do with a truly meaningful and healthy work-life experience.” read more…

To learn more about creating and fostering a Healthy Workplace Culture, check out this event on 8/17/2021.