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This topic of Beauty, that is, the beauty that we see around us in our normal daily lives, is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. We’re living in some overwhelming times. A seemingly never-ending pandemic, a constant cycle of negative news, volatile business conditions, unpredictable supply chain issues…  the list grows every day. Through all of this, it’s very easy to overlook the beautiful things that can be sources of joy in our life today and sources of hope for an even better tomorrow. Bruce Cockburn sings in his song titled “Child of the Wind”:

“Little round planet in a big universe, sometimes it looks blessed, sometimes it looks cursed.  Depends on what you look at, obviously, but even more it depends on the way that you see.”

I, for one, have let fear and darkness overshadow the beauty more days of late than I’d like to admit. When this happens, I notice that life and work feel much harder, even if nothing has actually changed to make it so. Of course, changing what we see is easier said than done, but the payoff is huge.

This year, I am resolving to see the beauty each day, and am looking forward to what I might find and learn along the way. Whether it’s taking a few moments to enjoy the sunset or appreciating the color and typographic details of a design we’re producing, enjoying these small moments creates much needed buoyancy in these heavy days. I encourage you to identify these moments in your day and leverage them into hope.

To read more about how “beauty” shows up in the business of Indigo Ink check out our recent blog titled “Indigorgeous.”

Liz Richardson - Indigo Ink Digital Printing

Liz Richardson, Co-Founder
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We occasionally send out a printed postcard demonstrating a specialty production technique. “Everything has Beauty” should be arriving in your mailbox any day now. It showcases CMYK printed on top of Digital Metallic Ink (which creates a shimmer of color) along with White Ink printed on white stock to create a subtle contrast. If you are not currently receiving these printed samples and you’d like to, please drop us a line and we’ll add you to our next mailing.