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We are craftspeople, making craft products. Each order is a custom one-of-a-kind product made with loving care to ensure each piece is tailored to our customers’ unique specifications. In addition, because we are creative and adventurous folks here at Indigo Ink, we like to experiment and try out new techniques and capabilities that might enhance our clients’ projects (and just simply look really cool)…sometimes pushing our equipment and substrates to the edge of what is possible. This isn’t easy to pull off… and would simply be impossible to do on a massively large scale like some of the not-to-be-mentioned online competitors. Much like how a high-quality craft microbrewery’s full-flavored beer simply cannot be perfectly replicated on a large scale (as much as some may try), we believe that beautiful print uniquely tailored to each customer requires the kind of precision, collaboration and attention to detail that can only be done on a human scale…a “craft scale.”

There really is no way to avoid the fact that a print shop is an extremely fast-paced environment with lots of moving parts, both figuratively and literally. Indigo Ink is no exception. Our highly coordinated (and yet, at times improvisational) teamwork melds with mechanical, technical and artistic mastery and skill to create unique and beautiful print… delivered oftentimes on extremely tight deadlines. Each day is a race to the finish line that is our “Indigolden” Rule: We don’t look good unless you look good.

That’s us.