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Twenty Years of Indigo Ink… it’s been quite the, ahem, JOURNEY. Thanks for joining us along the way. Every project you print at Indigo Ink automatically results in trees planted through our PrintReleaf reforestation program (12,605 trees to be exact). To date, Indigo Ink customers have collectively offset the equivalent of over 95 million letter pages of paper consumption since partnering with PrintReleaf in 2016 (see our current data here). From France to Dominican Republic to California, you’ve replenished forests all over the world just by trusting us to print your project. And we think that rocks.

We continue to move forward each year in reducing our environmental footprint and push for sustainability in all that we do. Here are a couple of our most recent updates:

We continue to make small changes that will have a HUGE impact. After many years of searching, we’ve finally found a biodegradable shrink wrap that actually works. While we continue to come up with ways to reduce our use of plastics, we have found out the hard way through well-intended experiments that didn’t work out so well that for some jobs there is not a substitute (yet).

Shrink Wrap

Additionally, we have added a cardboard perforator to turn our waste cardboard into packaging material for shipping. Our cardboard was previously recycled, but now it can be repurposed for one more use before being recycled.

Cardboard Perf

The Journey towards better sustainability continues on…