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As we mentioned last month in our blog “Creative Ways to Use White Ink in Print,” digital printing has often been criticized for its lack of quality and versatility when compared to more traditional methods. Spot gloss, foil and a variety of specialty production techniques that elevate the quality of a printed piece were once considered exclusive to offset and letterpress printing. This generally meant that only high quantities—or even higher budgets—would allow for these visual effects. But over the past few years, Indigo Ink has been experimenting and refining our in-house spot gloss and foiling capabilities, which was no small challenge.  We discovered (the hard way) why so few printing companies offer this technique with as many options as we do.  However, because of customer demand (and because we just think it is really cool), we were determined to get this right.  We are proud to say that our team has truly become experts at this stuff.  The added bonus…we get to see some really inspiring designs which is one of the best parts of our job.  Using these enhanced digital print methods, our clients have created some breathtakingly beautiful pieces with high impact.  The following are some examples of print techniques that may inspire your next print project…

Color printing over foil

Printing full color on printable silver foil produces an eye-catching “metallic ink” effect.  The foils shine comes through the ink, giving an extra layer of depth and dimension. 

Spot gloss over black ink

Some of our favorite, most sophisticated looking projects utilize an effect created by printing black ink on black paper with clear spot foil on top. This creates a sleek, impressive finish that’s both subtle and stands out.

Variable and short run prints

A unique capacity of digital foil application (versus traditional foil stamping) is the ability to produce small quantities—even single pieces—in a more efficient and often cheaper way. Because the digital foil process eliminates the need for creating a die, we’ve reduced extraneous costs and production time. In addition to cost-effective small quantities, this allows for variable designs, such as table numbers or place cards.

Expansive Selection of Foil Colors

Along with silver and gold, we also offer a spectrum of other colors including an iridescent rainbow foil. With the use of dark substrates, white ink, full color ink and various choices of foil, there is a wide range of creative possibilities.

For step by step foil and spot gloss file set up instructions and other helpful information and guidelines,  go to or contact us directly.  And as always, if you have an idea we haven’t mentioned, please reach out and we’ll do our best to figure out a solution to make it a printed reality.