Banding Together to Reduce Plastic Waste

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After much anticipation here at Indigo, the paper banding machine has arrived! It may not sound (or look) like much, but this is going to save us a lot of time and plastic. The journey to finding this handy little machine started this past summer.  My cousin, Maryann, was undergoing a personal effort to reduce… Read more »

Turning Over A New Leaf

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Indigo Ink team stream clean Liz

I love the outdoors and earths wild places. This is where I play. It is where I feel the most alive and spiritually connected. Naturally, it follows that I have a deep concern for preserving our wild places and for the impact humans have on our planet and all living things. Although it can be… Read more »

White Ink Printing

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white ink printed

Although Indigo Ink has had this capability for quite some time, it remains unique in the world of digital print. We have the capability of digitally printing white ink on a series of specialty paper stocks and envelopes. From transparent overlays to dark-toned cover weights, a new realm of possibilities is attainable. The tactile qualities… Read more »

Digital Foil Stamping

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digital foil stamping 1

Foil stamping is no longer only cost-effective for large quantity offset printing. Indigo Ink Printing is now offering digital foil stamping (gold, silver, rainbow, rose, spot gloss) for smaller digital print runs (including single prints and mock-ups). It’s perfect for invitations, wedding stationery, brochure covers, posters, attention-getting business cards, and high-end packaging… we can’t wait… Read more »