The Indigo Qualities…defining who we are.

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IndigoQualities Blog Beauty, Goodwill, and Innovation Over the past couple of years, we, as a team, have taken about 5-15 minutes each week to dedicate to learning and discussing something important to us and our organization. Topics can range from philosophical ideals to practical business best practices. Because we have experienced so much change and disruption over... Read more »

Your Guide to Setting Up Your Metallic Ink Design File

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Digital Metallic Ink Setup Instructions

Digital Metallic Ink Setup Instructions: Next up in our video series: Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your files for digital metallic ink output. From using silver ink alone to creating metallic color, learn how to name your swatches, layer your elements, and maximize your output for coated and uncoated papers.

Print metallic colors!

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indigo ink print metallic ink header

Learn the basic concept behind building digital metallic colors (hint: CMYK is printed over a base silver) and start spec’ing colors from our exclusive swatch book for optimal control. Watch this short video with more inspiration and tips…

It All Starts with Believing…One conscious Capitalist’s Path Towards a Healthy Workplace Culture

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Conscious Capitalism Liz and Indigo Ink Team

Liz shares with the Conscious Capitalism Community her experience and thoughts around workplace culture. “Of the 4 Pillars of Conscious Capitalism, conscious culture is the one that carries the most meaning for me personally and professionally as it relates to one of my main purposes in life – “to create and foster a healthy workplace… Read more »

May the Best Ideas Prevail

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Indigo Ink is proud to recognize Women’s History Month. The other 11 months we celebrate women’s future.  Many of you might recognize the “madmen” spin.  Though art can mean different things to different people, this art kind of speaks for itself…a woman occupying a seat previously held exclusively by men.  However, I’d like to take a moment… Read more »